Back for some puppy love!

If you would have told me 6 months ago that I was going to be looking forward to go back to Seville during summer I would have laughed at you and called you crazy. In my face! The last 2-3 days of my week trip I kept thinking about when Doggy would see me at the airport. Would he run to me? (he never does, he waggles his tail and doesn’t move, he waits for me to go to him, that’s how I taught him) I honestly think that I was more excited than he would be, but I wouldn’t show it, it goes against company policy lol.
He’s been in good hands, getting plenty of exercise and socialized with other dogs and most important people, this was a therapy for him. Apparently the first day he didn’t want to play and wouldn’t come close to people, just to get his treats and then leave, he doesn’t like to be petted by strangers and by strangers I mean everybody but me lol.
After a week my plane landed, I picked up my luggage and ran to meet Doggy, there he was, shaking his little tail, as I suspected he didn’t run to me, once I grabbed the leash he started to nibble my shorts and waggling all his body, licking me and doing funny noises, the more we walked together the more excited he was getting, then he started jumping on me, I don’t usually allow him to do that, but I let him have his moment (or mine lol).
Puppy love is just great.
Now I’m back, I already started to catch up with your blogs, I’m leaving again on Wednesday but this time with Doggy for out well deserved hike.
It’s good to see my furry beast again.