12.4Miles/20Km Alajar, Spain

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First hike has been decided, it’s gonna be a circular 12.4Miles/20Km route. We are going to start and finish at Alajar, a village in southwestern Spain, it’s a beautiful place with great views. The idea of doing circular routes is to not have to worry about the commuting,  we can drive to wherever we are going to start, leave the car there and then drive back to the place we are going to spend the night. After that route we’ll move towards Portugal and end up at the beach by the weekend, of course nothing is set in stone and we are likely to change the routes according to how the dogs feel and we feel.
I’m personally going to benefit from the way we are taking on the hikes, I’ll be able watch the Olympics and be in contact with the outer world, so I’ll be able to keep you posted and to be in touch with your blogs too.