De Pasta De Costa

Pic from Turismo Teguise

De Pasta De Costa it’s located at Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands. I usually ask locals for the best place to eat or do a little research beforehand or follow the suggestions that Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern give at the Travel Channel, however, there was little about Costa Teguise and the places best rated on the internet were closed at the time I was hungry, cuz in Spain kitchens close at 4pm, so you gotta eat before that or starve to dead if crappy food is not an option for you.
After a little walk and looking at the menu of different places, I passed by this little white restaurant, totally empty, asked if it the kitchen was open and Tuna Carpaccio on the menu convinced me to stay.
Let me tell you it was a great choice, the tuna was really fresh, cut very thinly, served with a really good olive oil a pinch of fleur de sel and fresh black pepper and of course lemon juice, every slice of tuna you put in your mouth it seemed to melt like butter, was really juicy, all the flavors well blended, at that point I didn’t know if I was too hungry or if it actually was that good.
Then they brought the main course, butter grilled Kingklip with ruccola pesto and papas arrugadas, by then I knew I was not that hungry anymore and I would be able to tell if food was good or not, fish was perfectly cooked, they used real butter not the fake thing they use at many places, but for me the winner was the ruccola pesto, was foodgasm, seriously, I finished the potatoes and ended up eating the pesto with a spoon, too good to be true.
And to top the whole experience, service was great (place was empty so it ought to be great).

4 Paws

Ok, we’ll give it 4.5 paws because bread was really bad, as bad as most of the bread in Spain, they have an oven, it would be great if they baked their own bread, I would steal all the bread for sure.
I would highly recommend this place, regardless of the budget, it’s well worth it.

FYI: I paid for my own food, so I owe nothing to the place mentioned above. All I said it’s based solely on my personal experience and taste.