Where did the water go?

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Yesterday I took Doggy to the park and as usual he played with the other dogs, ran a little, checked on me and then ran like crazy to the water fountain, that’s his routine. However, when I walked in the park I noticed the fountain was empty and was eager to see how Doggy would react to it, he usually runs and dives, I didn’t want him to get hurt so I kept an eye on him. Off he went, that’s the only time he runs away from me but makes sure to look back every so steps, I took my iPhone and got the camera ready, he jumped and bang! No water. He looked at me and started to bark.
That was really funny to me, he came back to me and barked a few times, then ran back fountain but kept looking at me, this time jumped slowly and stayed there, barked at me till I went to check on him. I can’t imagine his disappointment, he was truly frustrated, I wet him a little, was not the same but was good enough for him.