From dog to drum.

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Don’t talk to strangers should be a constant in our lives not just when we are kids.
The lady pointed on the picture is the star of today’s post, she said her father was the creator of the Spanish Water Dogs, she alleges her father mixed a Poodle and Snow Dog(I have no idea what dog is that) but that’s not the reason of this post, sit tight and read, I’ll write it as she said it or at least try:
“3 Peruvians painters were working at my house, I had to tie my dog to the stairs because they were afraid of him. I left to buy groceries and when I came back I saw the dog hanging, he was dead. I was really upset and sad, I asked the painters why didn’t they help the dog. I removed the dog from where he was and one of the painters approached me and asked me what I was going to do with the body of my dog and if I would mind if they used his skin to build a drum.
I went ballistic and asked to collect their tools and leave the house. They left, but kept walking around the house, I knew they were waiting for me to dump the body of my dog to get him and get the skin for their drum. I was forced to keep my dog in the freezer for 3 days until they stopped patrolling my street. Since that day I hate Peruvians.”
Crazy knows no limits, she was able to tell me that story with a straight face, no blinking, I actually believe that she believes that that really happened to her, however, I don’t think dogs would do good drums.