GPS+Maps = Getting lost

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According to the guide the route we took today was about 9miles/14Km, however, counting the mile we got lost we ended up doing 11 miles.
The first 5 miles were really nice, shady for the most part and well signalized, we had our first break at a little village gave water to the dogs and let them play a little on the fountain and took the road again. Once we left the village we got lost 3 times, not for long tho, now with a GPS and a map is not that hard to get lost (that if you know how to read maps, we are still learning lol). We missed the turns on 3 different occasions, no signs whatsoever and at this time of the year those trails are little transited and covered with bushed and different vegetations. One of the wrong turns took us to a bunch of bones, there are private hunting ranches around and I assume the bones are the leftovers, needless to say the dogs loved the place, Nerva was rolling on them and Doggy carrying a jaw around, against our will of course. The other 2 mistakes were less impressive just to say something.
Once we were back on the right path, dogs kept enjoying themselves, we got to see a few farms with sheep and pigs, some horses passing by. Views were great, dogs are covered on dirt and crap they picked up by rolling on the dry leaves, I’m sure we are just as dirty.
Tomorrow we’ll take a longer route, still gotta decide if you lake or river, wanna take the dogs for a good swim.