Look into my eyes….or not

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Doggy’s fur is growing really fast, I cute his hair in May and he’s do have another haircut in October, you know, just like sheep. I often complain on tedious is to untangle his hair and keep it from matting uncontrolled, he’s supposed to have little dreadlocks, he’ll soon look like Bob Marley minus the hat, or not.
With all this is harder now to see his eyes and I honestly think that he’s partially blind, he bumps into things and doesn’t see whats right below him. I had the not so brilliant idea to tie his hair with a little sillyband, he didn’t like it at all, I could tell he was not a happy dog, not that he was trying to get rid of it, it was just the way he would tilt his head. I was glad to see his big brown eyes for a bit and of course had to take a couple of pics.