Water makes happy dogs

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There’s nothing in this world that Doggy loves more than water, whenever he sees water he goes a little uncontrollable, is the only time I have trouble keeping him close to me or make him come when called. He not only goes crazy before jumping in a fountain/late/river, but once he comes out of it he’s fully charged, is like if he receives an electric charge and comes brand new, he starts jumping around and playing, wanting to play retrieve. I use this to my advantage when I have to bathe him, he just sits and enjoy the moment, groomer tells me that as for now Doggy is his best customer. The problem is when he sees a puddle, he doesn’t discriminate, clean or dirty is water and he wants to roll on it. I know he is a water dog and he is supposed to like water, but not all water dogs do and not all are as enthusiastic as he is.