Spanish Water Dog get together

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The last day of our hike at the lake we met a pair of water dog, a male of about 2 years who according to his owner, used to be chocolate-brown until he left it with a friend, his friend cut his hair really short, buzzed, and the dog got severe skin burns, after that his hair grows really weak and different color, you could see patches of brown but for the most part was like ashy brown (us that even a color?). The other was a little girl of about 8 months, just like Doggy, a bit smaller (Doggy is huge for his age, I have serious doubts about who his father is, I would put money that is a grizzly bear), this puppy was a shy as Doggy was when I got him and before his electric shock therapy, she was really cute, they played for a while without getting into the water because it was almost time to leave and I was not going to get Doggy soaking wet into the car. I like to see water dogs playing together, they are really hardcore players and I mean it, they drag each other by the ears, bite the hair and pull and heard each other, not all puppies handle that kind of games, now that Doggy is bigger (about 40lbs) I have to keep an eye on him, he’s not aware that smaller puppies are weaker than he is and when they see him pouncing  he scares the hell out of them.