Fat like a black and white cow

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Doggy is a big dog, for water dog standards that is, he’s only 8 months old and he already weighs 40lbs, granted part of it it’s thanks to his coat, but he’s much taller than other puppies and taller than many adult SWD, he has really longs, like a gibbon as Kolytyi pointed and grizzle paws. If you see him now he looks fat, huge like a cow, I often call him mammoth, I think I’m somehow undermining his self esteem, I caught him going off at the scale the other day, never mind the 2 heads, those are grandpa and grandma, they’ve been in the family forever, grandma has traveled the world and so has grandpa and as I’m writing this I’m realizing how weird it sounds and that now I feel the need to post pics of grandpa and grandma lol.
Sorry for the randomness of the post.