From illiterate to Harvad in a day

A tired Doggy

There we were coming back from our 6 mile morning run, by accident I dropped Doggy’s ball right on the ramp that leads to the garage of our building, I let it go and didn’t feel like going down there so I sent Doggy, after a minute he hadn’t returned so I went down to the garage and saw him looking around. The ball was nowhere to be seen, I look under a few cars and nothing, so I asked Doggy to look for it with the hope he would find it. He started going around sniffing and then stopped by a car, started to sniff under it and sat next to the trunk, I looked under the car and nothing, I asked him to look for it again, he would go around for a couple of seconds and come back to the same car, repeat the drill and sit on the same spot, I looked again under the car and saw nothing, asked again to look for it, I was running out of time and was ready to give up and buy him another ball. He once again did the same, honestly I was getting frustrated, I looked again, this time used the light of the iPhone and there it was, right next to the tire, was really hard to spot it, of course I didn’t get it, I asked Doggy to give it to me and bang! He went under the car and got the ball.
I haven’t taught him that, he retrieves his toys and a few things that I ask for at home, but the way he acted today blew my mind and that’s why I’ve decided that I’m gonna look for a school and enroll Doggy, he has needs that I can’t fulfill because of my lack of knowledge, he gets plenty of exercise and play and basic training, I’m far from being an expert and seeing the eagerness on him to do things that he was bred to do and I don’t know how to teach him frustrates me.
Doggy will go to school and get a job to pay for my retirement.