We got mail!

Direct from the UK came our prize, we were the winner runner up in a photo contest organized by Misaki about 2 weeks ago. We received our prize, long lasting bubbles (bubble soap) and some tasty treats for Doggy and of course €3 million for me, they are not on the picture cuz I took it to the bank immediately, gonna transfer them to an account in the Cayman Islands, they’ll be safer there. Those bubbles are indeed ever lasting, I bet they gonna stick to Doggy’s fur and make look like a xmas tree.
Mollie, the true winner of that contest is now organizing another photo contest that we’ll enter and hope to win again, I have yet to pick what picture I’ll send since I don’t have pictures of Doggy as a small puppy, he was a teenager when I got him but I’m sure I’ll get a funny pic of Doggy.

On a side note, Doggy destroyed his plate and guess where I found pieces of it? Yeah, on the sofa that he wouldn’t dare to touch when I’m around, hes a double face back stabber dog, you gotta see him whining when he wants the ball he drops it on the sofa next to you, would put his paw on your lap but don’t touch the sofa, you can get up, he would keep staring at the ball but wold not get it cuz it’s on the sofa, once I turn my back and close the door he throws a party. Ohhh, and he’s learning to open the drawer where I keep all the plastic bags, he loves plastic, I’m not a fab of this tho.