My training buddy

Slowly but steady, Doggy is becoming the training buddy I’ve always wanted and needed. You all know I “run” with him pretty much every day, but what I’ve never mentioned is that since I was 11yo I’ve been doing sports, I competed “professionally” for about 7 years and right before moving to Spain I quit due to an injury and because I wanted to have a “life”. Little I knew the life I was longing to have was not for me and after fighting the idea I’m going back to the life I know. I’ve retaken my workouts and in a month time I’ll start with the serious training which can be agonizingly boring, there’s no music that will keep your mind off for a 3-4 hours run.
Doggy’s roll in all this it’s much more important than I ever suspected, silly you might think, but it isn’t, Doggy is full of energy that needs to burn or else he’ll become a unbalanced dog, he would eat my house and take me to the grave.
He’s too young yet to handle 2 hours run, but he goes for 1 hour or 9 miles easily, I got him a little back pack in which he carries my keys, his poo bags and water, he’s a happy dog during the work out.
The perfect workout partner, he doesn’t talk, he doesn’t care if I don’t feel like working out, he keeps a steady pace all the way through, he just wants to run. You should see his reaction when we go down the river where he only goes when it’s running time, he jumps and barks and pulls the leash, it takes him 1 minute to calm down and then it’s workout time and when we are done he only wants a belly rub.