Vote for the black sheep

I had to update because Molli’s photo contest it out, there are 10 million Euros in game and I would like to win, as plain as that lol, I can’t tell the number of Doggy’s pic, you gotta guess, I had posted it before but I think it’s against the ruls. Give us your vote and will give you our money (not true). Thanks, you are really nice๐Ÿ™‚ Click to Vote

A few posts ago I mentioned that Doggy’s vision is limited due to his fur, but what he cannot see he sure smells. In the video you cannot see where the cypress cone lands neither could he, what I do and it may be a little gross but it works, I grab the little cone and because I’m sweating like a pig after the workout, let’s say I put a little Eau de Leo on the cone and throw it, he follows the movement of my arm and runs towards where he thinks the cone I’m throwing it’s gonna land, obviously it doesn’t land where he thinks and then he goes crazy sniffing. I know that he has caught the “scent” once his little tail starts to wags like a helicopter. He loves that game, you can see him hopping like a little sheep, the more he matures the more he looks like his mother and father, sheep and otter respectively.