Friendly dogs come from over friendly owners

Doggy died…..Again!

My workouts are usually pretty lonely, just me, my music and lately Doggy. This morning however, a guy saw me running with Doggy and decided it was a great idea to cross to my side and run with me, he was running with a dog too. I don’t know, I usually avoid eye contact with people, specially when I’m running, I don’t wanna talk, but you gotta be nice and at least kind smile back and so I did. His dog was ok for the first 10 minutes, he was running on the guy’s left and Doggy on my right, the guy keep talking and talking, I didn’t even hinted that I was paying attention, I was still wearing my headphones, then his dog crossed behind me wanting to play with Doggy, making him pull the leash, I looked at the guy and he called his dog back, a few minutes later it repeated, I was already annoyed. So I said “well, I’ll go this way cuz the surface it’s smoother” and took a sharp turn, useless!! The guy followed. He was a nice guy, over friendly, he would greet everybody along the way, every single soul. I was really annoyed, luckily I was somehow paying attention when he said he runs from where he lives and mentioned the name of the place, to this other point and back, so I decided to turn around and shorten my run, I knew he had to go all the up cuz it was where he lived. What annoyed me was his dog crossing behind and infront of me, not the fact that he wanted to play with Doggy, but the fact that I could have tripped like I did last week (embarrassing, I wasn’t even running, I left my dignity there, I have none left, between that and the time I fell in the city face first and a guy helped me up….sad, too sad) and that would have been the end of the guy. He’s now probably saying that he met this utter jerk running with a biggest jerk of dog today lol.