Buoni le pizze, indeed.

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Coming from The City (NYC), you learn to be somehow demanding when it comes to food specially pizza, yeah, those of you who have tried NYC Style pizza know what I’m talking about. I have yet to see a city in the world (not even in Italy) where the average restaurant serves pizza half as good as the one you would get at the corner deli in The City. Anyhow, I’m not in New York anymore so move on! Pizza in Spain for me it’s a practical joke, it’s like Mexican food but Mexican food deserves another post. For the Spaniards (no offense intended) a great pizzeria would be what Chef Boyardee it’s for us. Not too long ago a pizza place “Buoni le pizze” opened around my place, another crappy place I though, but I tried it and couldn’t have been more wrong, pizza was great, thick crust, not NYC style for sure, but boy that was delicious. It’s a little place, there’s place to sit and eat in but it’s more a take out kinda of place. Really clean, fresh pizza all day long, and get ready…..it’s open when other places are closed, can I get a hallelujah?! Remember, kitchens in Spain close at 4.
My favorite pizza is the Patatosa, which it’s basically potato and mozzarella with other spices, rosemary included. They have pizza for all tastes, including stinky cheeses and for the vegans too and what’s best, dogs are welcome, although I prefer to park Doggy outside, just across the restaurant.
When I’m hungry and do not want to cook, I grab my 6€ in coins (hate coins) and go for my 3 slices, yes, I pig out!
If you are ever around Seville and feel like having good pizza do not hesitate to visit that place, if you don’t like it you can come here and bash me on the comments.

So far a take out pizza place we’ll give it 4.5 paws.

FYI: I paid for my own food, so I owe nothing to the place mentioned above. All I said it’s based solely on my personal experience and taste.