How to get “rid” of your dog?

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I know it sounds awful but it’s not quite what it seems, what I mean is how to get rid of your dog lol. We all need a moment of peace right? But sometimes puppies wanna play, they whine, they scratch and leave considerable marks on your legs, they bring all the toys to the sofa and keep staring at you (even if you can’t see their eyes because of their fur) and the minute of peace you wanted is over because you just can’t say no to that face and hanging tongue. I discovered that Doggy loves to look for things and he goes crazy when you ask him to find something, so guess what I do? Yeah, whenever I need to do something that needs my full attention, I hide things and ask him to find them, sometimes it takes him a minute sometimes 10, but he finds them, he then gets a treat and we repeat the drill and we all are happy, I don’t feel guilty because I’m ignoring him and he’s happy because I’m “playing” with him.
I tried that at the park too, hid something on a bush while he went for swim and asked him to get it, no exaggeration 10-15 minutes later he got it, it was dark already, I sat there looking at him, then followed him around and took some pics, when he got it he was so happy, twitching all his body and licking my legs.
Today we are heading to the beach for the weekend, he’ll be a mess on Sunday, hope he doesn’t find any dead fish and brings it home.