Doggy, we have issues

This morning when I was walking Doggy I saw a group of dogs playing and suddenly caught myself pondering Doggy’s social life. See, for the last let’s say 10 years of my life I have had at least 10 different mailing address, no, I’m not an Interpol most wanted, however, where I want to get is that when I kinda settle I often (always) make friends with people whose also in the move, I don’t look for them, we just happen to meet. Funny enough, Doggy it’s the same, since I started taking him to the park, he would play with certain dogs, the owners of those dogs would usually approach me and we would eventually go for a glass of wine after the park. If you’ve read my blog in the beginning I would mention other dogs, like Vincent, Voldy, Django and Nerva.
Vincent’s owner is a musician and moved out 2 months ago, Voldy’s owner is Italian and she’s back in Italy, Django’s owners are from France and Panama, they are gone for till January and Nerva’s owner is a professor and she’ll now be teaching somewhere outside Seville. This all leaves Doggy alone at the park, cuz he doesn’t play with the regulars/locals, he just doesn’t create a bond. I’m not theorizing nor trying to reach a conclusion, it’s just puzzling how he would only play constantly with those, he picks them, I meet the owner after they play, if somebody has a theory let’s write a book or a post, cuz when you want your dog to play with a dog he doesn’t even if the other wants.
Do dogs pick up our social skills?
If so, Doggy,  you are doomed. Sorry man, was not my intention.