Some gamble, I like to compete.

Yeah, you all must know by now that I love a contest, as for today I’m already entered on 3. And chances are I’ll enter as many as I can, I don’t do it willingly, there’s something stronger than me that makes do it, the voices, the voices, if Jeanne d’Arc herd voices, why can’t I?
Yesterday I entered a new one, organized by A Clown on Fire, I didn’t have dinner because I was entering the contest. If that’s not having a problem you tell me.
To know what I’m talking about go to: Blogroll Contest
You would have to a lot of scrolling to fine my “plea”, to help you I’m contender number 13.
And yeah, this breaks the rule of one post a day, I just sold my soul.
So, Le Clown was kind enough to send me the direct link to my nomination just to save time, but honestly, it’s worth reading the post if you have the time and will power that is, as for those who lost partially their sight, I’m sorry, I’ll try to compensate you when I get filthy rich.