Doggy’s fault

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As I’m writing this I’m enjoying a well deserved sip of wine, I’ve been on a train for most of the, a few meetings and now waiting for the train again which it’s not scheduled to leave until 2 hours from now. As I tip the glass it hits me that since I got Doggy, 4 months ago exactly, I haven’t been out knocking down a few bottles of wine. Not that I was Amy Winehouse or anything like that, but a brother enjoys a sip of wine once in a while. I still do it but can’t stay out for too long cuz Doggy has to eat (I take him bar crawling but he’s still a minor and gotta be home early).
Ok, this is random, I just went to check the stats, the search engines to be precise, it cracks me up what people look for and still surprises me that people, me included, suspect that Oprah eats babies.
Anyway, what I wanted to get is the way a dog changes your life, that if you are responsible that is, I can’t wait for Doggy to be old enough to take him on a long trip, probably to chase kangaroos in Australia, who knows.