I’ll develop Coulrophobia

Fear no Clown

I’ve already lost track of how many times I’ve broken the one post a day rule. However, it’s not me, it’s the Clown and the contest I willingly entered and now even under poor conditions I’ll battle till the end. Before I head to Morpheus arms (no, I’m not sleeping with the guy from Matrix) I gotta post something that’ll give me some extra points (if I got it right). Check what today’s challenge created by Lame Adventures was about, you got a few laughs guaranteed. A lot of people is kicking my ass, losing miserable, but I’m discovering a bunch of funny and really interesting blogs, I guess that’s the whole idea behind it. I wish I had the time to check all the blogs but I’m too bussy this weekend. Long Life With Cats and Dogs and Dockfam are kicking my ass, and to think they didn’t want to enter the contest.