I won, we won, you won, nah, you didn’t!

This is my lunch break, I should be having lunch, Le Clown, it’s the second I’ll starve because of you and man, with my body I can’t afford to skip a meal, I’ll just disappear.
I received the notification on my iPhone from WordPress that somebody has updated his blog, I was about to leave for lunch so I opened and saw that it was Le Clown’s Blog, I almost peed on and in my pants, the results are out, I knew I had slim chances, I lacked campaigning and interacted little with other bloggers, somebody has to bring home the bacon and sometimes I gotta work. I was about to quit but decided to keep going, take it like a man and lose with honor and grace. Those of you who checked the contest know that it was crazy, there were many challenges, I had to pay people to help me, neglected my diet and family, my house looks now like a pigsty (good thing I’m moving and I’ll set the old place on fire). Anyway, I read the post and I literally can’t stop smiling, I got an spot, baby Jesus, I won!!! I won!!! I WON!!!!! I won!!!!!
Thank you to all who voted and followed the contest, I’m too excited (for real) to name my supporters (that sounded neat right?), I wanna thank Mollie specially, she tried to get me 1,000 noses but her tricks didn’t work. Mollie, you know how I like a contest, and how you know it !! Thank you a lot!
What did I win? you are probably thinking.
Well, I won a spot on a blogroll. It may not look like much, but let me tell you, I entered the contest to try to win just because I like to compete, but on the way I discovered great blogs, got “closer” if that’s possible, to Long Life Cats and Dogs and with Dockfam Adventures who were also competing.
Thanks Le Clown, you may not be able to make a kid who lost his dog laugh, but you sure made my day and a few days last week.
Congrats to my fellow blogrollers (WE WON!!!!)