Morning till night

I’m neighbors with Victorio and Lucchino, they are fashion designers, well known in that world, they designed the dresses that Whitney Houston used on The Bodyguard (ha! I just read that on google, but you play along and let’s say I knew already), they own a yappy dog, they walk him every morning and night, but man, they do not pick up after the dog. What’s wrong with these guys, I hope they or someone they own reads this someday and tell them I, their neighbor, called pigs on the internet. See they take those words personal. They are really good at looking their dog poo and walk away like if they were at a fashion show. No Victorio, no Luis (cuz that’s your christian name, Lucchino was made up) this street it’s not your damn catwalk, so please clean after your yappy dog!!
Tell it to their face you are probably thinking, useless my friends! Useless, they don’t listen. It’d be nice to go their store, get a dress, it gotta be a dress so it drags the fabric, walk over their dog’s poo and take it back for fitting.