Mayans vs National Geographic Magazine

I’ve been a reader of the National Geographic Magazine for the las 10-15 years, well not 15, because 15 years ago I was only 2 (you play along).

About a year ago I decided I was going to start submitting pictures for them to publish, it’s a public forum and it’s not closed to professional photographers.
The pictures people submit rang from great pics, some of them over touched with photoshop and then are mine, taken with my iPhone. I think where I’m falling it’s with the title, I guess that “Donkey eating day old bread” doesn’t sounds as nice as “Little girl contemplating the sunset whilst a drop of water rolls over her cheek after having dinner with her grandma who knits sweaters made from human hair in Shangri-La”
I’m determined to have my picture publish before I die, even if I have to make up whatever lie to appeal to their emotions.
After looking at this month’s publication I know I have chances of getting there, come on, let’s be honest,  Romeo looks like he is peeing behind that wall and Blerta looks like she was scratching her head full with lice (no offense intended, it’s just what a human would think without reading the caption on the pics) those are nice pics indeed, but my donkey deserved a chance, and so did “Bird, hand and dog”.
I’ll submit my picture with Doggy at the beach this time and title it:

“Last sunset of August at a beach in Cadiz, Spain. Leo, 17, and his dog play for what would be their last summer together. Leo believes the Mayans are right and the world is gonna end on Dec. 21st, 2012”

What do you think?
When I get the voting link I’ll make a plea for your votes.

*National Geographic, that picture belongs to you, or Blerta, or Romero, do not sue me, I have nothing for you to take, I’ve used all my savings, remember, world’s gonna end on December.