Urban Wisdom

Ecce Homo Borja

Ecce Home take my hand and write this post for me.
After a few days away I went back to the dog park, I don’t mix with the locals, mainly cuz I don’t want to actively participate of the gossip, they love to gossip, I usually put my headphones on but music off so I can passively participate of the gossip, as an audience, then I share what I hear with you if it’s worth it.
Today was all about the society nowadays, you gotta understand that the demographic of the park is conformed in its great majority by widows (males and females), yappy girls and a few guys that join the circle, I feel left out cuz I’m a foreigner, but it’s, that way I can collect info and write mental notes. Anyhow, they were talking about how the youth is somehow deranged, teen pregnancy, unemployment, education and of course the gays. As you may know gay marriage is legal in Spain and among conservative seniors that’s a touchy subject. Most of them thought it was wrong, but then out of nowhere jumps this lady, I’ll name her Maria, and says: “You all are crazy, what’s wrong with it. Look at those to dogs smelling each other, licking each other, playing and rolling on top of each other, you care if they are male-male or female-female?. No you don’t, so why should you care if two guys kiss or two girls hold hands?. You are a bunch of cave people.”
I was honestly blown away by the analogy and foremost the lesson she gave them, surprisingly enough nobody had an answer to her rustic logic.
That’s what I like to call urban wisdom, lessons you learn in the street where and when you less expected.