Human eating donkey

Doggy showing teeth

It’s 5am and believe it or not even Doggy is struggling to stay awake. I have a train to catch at 6:30 but before that I have to walk the beast and get his night bag ready cuz he’s staying at the Spa (meaning the place of my partner’s parents). However, today is gonna be a special day for them, they love Doggy and Doggy seems to get along just fine with them but they are also taking care this weekend of the dog of their son, which is in heat (the dog not their son). Doggy and Lyra do not get along, she’s a Weimaraner just like Easy, she’s really playful and Doggy doesn’t like jumpy dogs, he stays away from them but when they bother him much he shows teeth, so to avoid confrontations they keep them in different patios.
As I’m writing this I see the look on Doggy’s eyes, he knows I’m taking off, probably because he smells the cologne or because of the difference in our daily routine, he’s a sad puppy, those eyes, stop looking at me with those eyes!!
Lyra is gonna get bred, at least they hope so, they gonna take her to the country to meet her ONS, I honestly do not know why, but since nobody asked for my opinion I won’t give it, at least not to them.
It’s Friday, I can’t believe it’s Friday and I haven’t packed a thing, I’m doomed, I’m supposed to move on Monday, Ecce Homo help me!
So, voting for National Geographic’s Magazine picture of the month it’s for subscribers or account holders only, so far I’ve gotten 2 votes, 8 out of 10 points,  but I need a sad story to tell.

“I was lucky enough to capture this image while exploring the Masai Mara in Kenya. The two zebras were biting and fighting each other and then started kicking.”

Are we for real????!!!!! How is that better than

“Donkey eating day old bread”

I should have said:

 “I was blessed by the superior being to capture this often seen as an inferior creature eating a piece of old day bread at the Himalayas. The man who was feeding it was later eaten by the Donkey, a common practice in the Himalayas”