Boxing saturday.

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Today is one of those Saturdays, gotta get done (started) with the packing, I’m supposed to be gone by Tuesday.
Had to take Doggy to the vet, did I ever mentioned I really like this vet, he explains everything with details, “Vet for Dummies”, I like the way he treats Doggy and I specially like him because he rather use natural medicine, not that I know a bit about it but I like it and of course he gives me a little bag of treats for free, ohh did I mentioned it’s really cheap? half the price than the SOB I took Doggy first. Today he cleaned Doggy’s eyes, he’s starting to develop Conjunctivitis, nothing serious but he’s looked a little gross.
I also pass by the farmer’s market to get me some nice fruits, on the way we passed a group of kids and Doggy decided to jump in join the fun, he was teaching them how to drink of the sprinklers.
I received a special parcel from Mollie, but I’ll detail on a later post, now Doggy is eating the tape, he’s way of helping.