Manly needs

Every now and then we are hit by those needs, urges if you will, that we must address or else we gonna be miserable for a while.
I was hit by one of the manly needs on Sunday, I listened to my body and look for a way to calm down the beast in me.
I had a bunch of things to do but in my mind nothing was more important that taken care of my manly needs, so I took my shower and headed out with Doggy.
We arrived at Dunkin Donuts, I parked Doggy right outside, ordered a good old Boston cream, a good old Coffee Coolatta and nothing would have prepared me for what happened next.
The damn coffee was watery, was water!! Tasteless coffee, I rarely drink coffee but when I do I like it to at least reassemble the taste/smell of actual coffee, I took another sip in case my tongue was playing games with my brains, but, was all true. See, I’m not the most patience guy when it comes to food, in fact I would consider myself to be annoying, I like good food. What the hell was I doing at Dunkin donuts then? You maybe thinking, and I’ll give to you, but trashy food is a manly needs every now and then. I’ve been there before and coffee is sorta reasonable, for iced coffee it’s even good damn it!
I usually don’t hesitate do complain, but I was in a good mood and was too early to get into arguments with that guy, so I nicely said “This is watery” he looked at me like if I was crazy, was then when my blood started to boil, I wanted to just spill the coffee over the counter but I didn’t, I said it was tasteless, poor guy, he’s clueless and you can not fight idiocy, he tried to explain me how was done and that it was good without trying it, I swallowed my frustration and walked away leaving the coffee behind.
As the automatic door closed behind me I hesitated to go back in and complain, but I was in a good mood.
I don’t have anger issues, far from that, but do not mess with my food, food is the one thing that is stronger than me.

Ohh yeah, customer care sucks in Spain, but I’ll explain that on a different post.