Sorta back

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We are finally sorta settled, at least I have a kitchen to cook and a livingroom for Doggy to play.
My bed is there but my room still looks messy. I think Doggy is much happier here, he now was a “watchtower” (not the magazine, he’s an atheist). HE goes to his balconies (he has 2) and stays there looking down to people and the pigeons on the building across ours, he knows he can not spit/pee to the pedestrians and street vendors even if they annoy him. Today is the first time he’s left alone there, I hope he doesn’t eat the new place down.
The elevator opens to the livingroom, he seems to love it, good thing that he cannot open it otherwise the electric bill will be extremely high and I would have to put him to work. His new favorite spot is under the dinning table, I never mounted it in the other place and since I got rid of the coffee table he called dibs on the dinning table.
He also owns most of the street, he has peed on every tree and corner, the good thins is that these streets are for pedestrians only, so I can let him off leash early in the morning when nobody is around.
Little by little things are coming back to normal, except the damn internet, it takes them ages to activate the damn service, I gotta be patient, in meantime I’ve learned 1 crochet stitch and I’m crocheting new bra for Mollie for her 8 boobs.