Justice shall be served

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Friends, readers, Baby Jesus, Lady Litchi, Sam, Misaki, mom and dad,

Is with great sadness that I come to tell you that I’m marching to war against the injustice. I’ve promised to only punished the wicked, nothing will happen to Alfie, no innocent blood will stain Doggy’s hatchet.
Peace and dialogue have always been my flag, but the insolence of Mollie knows no limit for that I’ve been called to serve divine justice and lead this holy war.
No land will be invaded, women and wine are safe, that I promised to Lady Litchi.
Sam, Misaki, I know you tried to conceal and help us reach peace, but the dignity of my race has been violated, my ancestors fought for our honor and I’m called to honor their memory.
I’ll bring justice to this land and peace will reign.

Yours sincerely,

Sir Knight Doggy of Water and Bridges