Tears come to my eyes when I think of you. Many are the times when I read about you and long to have you just for me, to smell you, believe it or not your smell still lingers after almost 3 years without you. I know I’m the one to blame, I neglected you, I never thought of you as I should have, but as September comes to an end sweet memories of you come to my mind and the desire to have you grows.
I don’t have to wait any more, I finally have you, we are together at last, I promise I’ll treasure the little time we’ll have together, I’ll make those minutes last forever, the moment you touch my mouth I’ll be ready to die, it’ll be all about you and me, the world around us could crumble and I won’t move, I won’t let you go, the moment I’ve been waiting is here, it’s now.
I love you ,I missed you, I needed you and I’m not embarrassed to say it “Pumpkin Pie Come  to Me!!!!”

To all of you, treasure your cans of pumpkin puree you never know how important they are until you need them. I received 4, if people think I’ll share they are sooooo wrong, that’s mine, all about me. I’ll eat 4 pumpkin pies and then I’ll be ready to die, it’s been 3 years, 3 long years, tomorrow I’ll have half pie for breakfast and half for lunch. This Halloween I’ll have my pumpkin pie just like any other soul should have.