May peace reign

After decades of conflict peace finally returned to us and so did Mollie, who after all wasn’t not kidnapped but she ran away to Vegas with Easy’s money, met a fake Elvis in Vegas, left Easy broken, stole his credit cards and gave them to the fake Elvis. She was deported and upon arrival she was grounded. However, her little adventure reshaped the world after the invasion that Doggy and his army from hell burnt down half of Europe, conquered and divided so to keep peace.

New World Division

The old Britain was divided in 2, Pigtonia will be ruled by The Piggies, and Misalia by Misaki.
The old Ireland is now New Zenaland, ruled by Princess ZenaLitchinstain, former Bordeaux city of the now divided France, will be ruled by Lady Litchi.
Easy will rule Easyland or the rest of inland France, no access to the sea was granted.
Sam will be the ruler of Samalia former Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark.
Doggyopa, under the rule of Sir Doggy of Water and Bridges and Empress Litchi includes the old countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Monaco, Andorra, Spain and Portugal and all the former coast of France. 

Badge of Shame

As for Alfie, he was designated Mollie’s guardian, she was granted freedom but was marked with the GD letters, which she will have to wear for 3 months (dog months) so the people of the new alliance of countries do not forget the past.