World Invasion

Invasion Started

As you all know Mollie went missing, everybody suspected Doggy had allowed the orcs to eat her and use her fur as a rug, well, everybody was wrong. It turns out a french weimaraner kidnapped her and now is asking for 1000 lobster, I assume the lobster must be wild and not farm raised.
Doggy and his army invaded Portugal and burnt it down, saving all the Vinho Verde, the bread and most of its food before having noticed the ransom note sent by “The Dognapper”. Portugal should have been spared but it was too late, it’ll be rebuilt.
Now is off to France, the invasion has started and nothing can’t stop it, Bordeaux will be spared and it’ll be now an official South African Colony under the rule of Lady Litchi.
Thousand of “escargots” where seen fleeing France across the boarder with Italy and Switzerland, some looked refuge in Monaco which will be only place spared because they are feeding the troops.

What on earth is this guy talking about? If that your question go here: A whole bunch of links