Cowardly Lion

Mama Elsa

I’m never been one to like pop culture, a trivia game of famous people against me would be a win a default (of course if it’s a blog competition I would ask for help), I just don’t care for what they do or what’s going on. Of course there are some artists I like but I wouldn’t consider myself fan of anyone. When it comes to TV shows I usually go for documentaries and a few shows that I won’t disclose the names. However, yesterday I was watching The Soup, they put clips of what’s current and sweet baby Jesus, that’s scary. There was something that caught my attention immediately, The Real Housewives of Miami, those women are empty that’s obvious, but they, just like Mollie, are gold diggers, so they are filthy rich. We all know money can buy a bunch of things, but apparently Mama Elsa didn’t know that, cuz I’m sure she went to see Dr. Oneal Ron Morris. Mama Elsa’s face it’s melting.
How does she applies make up?
Or was she going for that look?
And if so, hes daughter is going to roast in hell for telling encouraging her mentally long gone mom, I can picture it:

“Mom, you look like the Cowardly Lion, let me tie this little hairbow, there you are, that’s better”

Nothing wrong with having plastic surgery, if you have the money and if you wanna do it go ahead, but Mama Elsa you got it wrong, totally wrong.
But hey, if Mama Elsa were to knock on my door and asked me if I wanted to call her grandma. after I recover from the shock, I would, I would call her granny and ask for my allowance.
If those guys in the interview can fake it so could I.
Mama Elsa, if you ever read this, I love you my little piece of melted marshmallow.