Live and Learn

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Mama Elsa and all the melted marshmallow talk made me hungry yesterday and since I was leaving the office earlier I decided to get creative and cook a nice meal. I went home, took Doggy for a walk and he usually pees on trees I don’t let him pee on walls cuz people gets mad but as we were waiting to cross the street he pee on the wall of a place where they sell churros (far from the door), there was nothing I could do to stop him, the owner of the place got mad and started to talk to me but as a general rule I ignore people.

He got me when he said “It’s ok, let him pee, I’ll pee on your door and I hope that’s ok, these people and their f*cking dogs”, I said back “Well sir, we are cool, I’m not the one peeing on your door and neither is the dog,on my way back I’ll pick you up so you can pee on the front door of my building if that makes you happy”, he started to curse me, I was only being nice to him.
It’s not far the way when I’m gonna get my ass kicked because of Doggy, either that or I’ll end up in jail. Sorry but I don’t know how to make Doggy pee non command, that’s even hard for me, just saying.

Anyway, after that I went home and started to put the kitchen upside down, Chicken Pot Pie was on the menu and I had some bulgur ready for a good old Tabbouleh, although those things are from totally different world I had to put them together and to be honest was foodgasm.
While the pot pie was in the oven I was watching a TV show and somebody made a remark about wine, talk about the power of suggestion, I felt like having wine but only had red wine at home so I went running (literally) to the store and got a nice bottle of Chardonnay, back home the pot pie was ready, I pigged out and was happy.
The recipe for the Chicken Pot Pie is here Smitten Kitchen if you are interested, it says cream, well, I forgot to add it and it was just as good, so if you are lactose intolerant or do not have cream you can scratch it off the list, makes no difference.
The Tabbouleh recipe I can’t disclose it, but there are several around the internet, make sure you use good bulgur otherwise tastes like crappy pasta salad.
And that’s all from My Effing Kitchen.
Ohhh yeah, put some tin foil under whatever you gonna use to bake the pot pie otherwise you’ll end up cleaning the oven all night long, Live and Learn.