Matter of life or bread

I’ve always wondered what happened in history to make something as horrible as this. For those of you familiar with food in this side of the world (Europe) would know that bread is one the best things, it’s not a rule but something that most countries have, most countries but Spain and I don’t know why.
If you grab a map of Europe you would notice that west to east first it’s Portugal then Spain, cross the Pyrenees and there’s France, we’ll stop the geography lesson there to prove my point. Pastries in Portugal are delicious, if you ever been to Lisbon and didn’t try the famous “Pasteis de Belem” you should by another plane ticket and try it, the wide variety of bread in Portugal it’s amazing and delicious, then if you go to France, well, you all know the fame of French cuisine especially their pastries and bread. Spain it’s in between those two countries and yet seems like it’s an island and bread it’s something they still don’t know how to do. The only decent pastry in Spain to my liking it’s something you find in Granada called Piononos, I could eat a box of those and die the next day.
But bread, ohhh the bread, the shape varies, the size varies, the texture varies even the color, but the taste it’s all the same, bread that you can’t if it’s a day old, it gets dry, you could use it to kill someone if you will but do not eat it.
Most Spaniards will fiercely debate this, national pride perhaps, but face them with the facts and they’ll calm down.
Portugal is not too far away from where I live, whenever I get a chance I go there and buy bread, loads of bread, tons of bread, slice it and freeze it, don’t share it, not even a piece, let the Spaniards eat their yeasty bread.
If I only knew how to bake my own bread and make it taste good I would, in the meantime I’ll keep eating the crappy bread when the good one is missing and pigging out on the good one when I get the chance.
If I had the time I would like to investigate deeply into this matter, it’s curious how it can be so different when you only have to drive 15 minutes across the border.
Was it the plague?
Was it the Spanish Inquisition?
Or was it something in more recent history?
Or is it the new dumbass new president’s fault?  Yeah, it’s his fault, for that Rajoy I curse you, may you never lose the lisp!!!!

Ha! the pic of the bread I took it from this blog: Kiwi Dutch and if you want read what he has to say about Portuguese bread.