Asitane, you are dreamy

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Turkey it’s a magical place when it comes to food, I’ll never forget my first night there. It was raining when the plane landed, took the metro down to The Gran Bazaar and got a little lost, first time I travel somewhere and I don’t even know how to say water, which by the way it’s Su.
I got the hotel and was starving, all restaurants were closed but there was a trailer food, just like the chimichanga guy back home. I order I have no idea what was it, it was delicious, thanks Zeus I have a stomach made of iron and don’t get sick with food, so I can eat pretty much everything just like Dakota, eating cellphones.
I often take dine suggestions from Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmerman, Anthony suggested this fancy place in Instabul to have food with recipes dating from the Ottoman empire, many of those recipes were. And let me tell you, anthony knows his stuff, the food there was delicious, I can’t point anything wrong on any of the dishes I tried, it was one of those “this is too good I wanna cry” moments. The service was exceptional too, as a matter of fact o recommended the place to a friend of mine who wanted to take his parents there for their anniversary, they made a reservation and were called 2 days before to let them know the restaurant would be closed because a pipe bursted and they had to to some repairs, they offer to pay to apologize for the inconvenience for their food and they did. For me those are the things that separate a good place from a great place, service and food must come together (you hear me Abades???. You would think food was really expensive and probably for Turkish standards it was well above average, but for a party of 5 we paid about 100 Turkish Lyra more less 50€ or $65, that’s nothing for all the food we could eat (we likely tried everything on the menu) and wine and also the taxi included.
My friends, if you ever go to Turkey you MUST go to this place, the name is Asitane, I swear you won’t regret and if you do come here and curse all my blood line.

5 Paws

Asitane, we give you 5 paws, you deserve them.

FYI: I paid for my own food, so I owe nothing to the place mentioned above. All I said it’s based solely on my personal experience and taste.