Rescue Me

Wasn’t me the one who said that was not into pop culture and that was not fan of anyone?
No it wasn’t, I don’t recall it and you can’t prove it.
Anyway, I met Cher, yeah effing Cher, like her or not everybody knows who she is and there are songs I dig, she sings live as she does on her albums, that for me it’s a good performer.
Back to the subject, I met her, you can say we are pals but she doesn’t know it.
Living in The City (NYC if you had were wondering what city) gives you the chance to meet many different people even if you don’t want to.
It was mid October, I was coming out Grand Central Station at around 4:30pm, if you ever been there you know it’s really crazy. I took the westside doors to Vanderbilt Avenue, was rather crowded. I tried to go around but there were some gorillas, somehow I sneaked between them and  bumped into this woman (move it!! I said in my head), looked up and there she was, Cher.
I just stood there and said nothing, she looked at me I looked at her, we look at each other then the gorillas pushed me aside, being a good New Yorker I asked them to F themselves and moved.
That’s my story with Cher, who by the way is like 373 years and 3 days old and looks like back in the 60’s, she’s got a good plastic surgeon and a deal with the devil, unlike Mama Elsa.
I also “met” Adam Sandler, I was running in Central Park, he crossed and made me trip, I was really pissed and gave him a warm welcoming “F*uck you”, he looked back and said sorry, never liked his face.
Me and Julia Roberts deserves a post, that was a different meeting, a nice one.