I don’t hate you, for real.

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I think I’ve never posted anything about the city I’m currently living, sometimes I make it sound like if was it the worse place on earth and to be honest, if you ask me on a day like yesterday I would have said that I wouldn’t mind if Nero came back to life and set all Seville on fire.
Truth to be told, Seville it’s a beautiful city, has ancient monuments, something always has been going on in here since the earth started to rotate and at some point in history, during the colonization of America, Seville was the capital of the world. If you come you can still visit the place where Columbus stayed before his second trip to America.
Seville also has the biggest cathedral in the world, gothic cathedral, a beautiful building. You don’t need to be a believer to appreciate beauty. All around this ancient city you will see ruins from all the stages of recent history, from Phoenicians to Romans and Moors.
I won’t get into details on this post, eventually I will post about things of this city, things that make a trip worth it and why so many fall in love with this city.
I trash Seville left and right, I hate summer in here, but I know that I’ll miss it once I move, I’ll miss the typical smell of orange blossom in early spring, the mayhem the city becomes during holy week and the great orange wine that it’s served in here. If you ever get a chance you should visit this little city, it has good tap water and electricity 24/7, you don’t see many cows roaming, actually you don’t see any cow, this is the south but they raise pigs not cows. This is a different south. This is a really different south.
And hey! The city it’s dog friendly, so you can bring your furry beast along.
That tower on the pics it’s called “Torre del Oro” I won’t bore you with history, what I’ll tell you it’s what happens there now, hundreds of boys and girls, the great majority of them American students use it as a meeting point, they get hammered with 90 cents wine, more than wine it’s vinegar. I sometimes join them but I don’t get hammered, I just watch and when some stupid kids wanna fight I get in the middle and kick their asses, I’m too old for that crap, anyway, they also use the building to break bottles against it. Go Americans! Give our people good reputation all over the world!
Around 4am you then see a bunch a girls barfing and swearing eternal love to strangers, lovely, just lovely.
What’s magical is that at 8am, that place it’s gonna be squeaky clean, waiting for the first bunch of tourist to take pics.

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