Pieces of bacon

A friend of mine shared with me the video I’ll add at the end of this post.
I laughed buckets (that’s not possible but I like the made up expression), that woman it’s like me when I eat something I really like, I don’t get that loud but for christ sake, who hasn’t experienced a foodgasm doesn’t know what real food is.
This is something some people close to me don’t get, they don’t seem to get off (not in that way) to food, they don’t understand the pleasure of enjoying a good meal, a well cooked meal, a meal where you can taste, deconstruct it to its very last ingredient, that all flavors are well blended yet you can tell whether they used olive oil or sunflower.

Back to the video, it’s obvious that the lady is acting, but she’s a hell of an actress, I fell in love with some lines in there, “Breakfast and dessert all at once”, “This is emotional”,“I gotta take a break…  Alright, break over.”,“it’s so worth the diarrhea”.
She has more videos on YouTube, lady is a genius, she’s funny.
I bet that it was really awkward for those at the restaurant, after all there are plenty of crazies out there and they all seem to gather at fast food restaurants.
Did I hear KFC and Popeyes? Amen!
Those 2 places are packed with crazies, it’s like the twilight zone, even the employees seem to me missing a few marbles.
Anyway, this lady has another video at a different restaurant, the McFallin was funny but not as much as this one.

Have a nice Saturday!