A dog or a burro

After Running Tongue

When I run I hate to carry stuff with me and by stuff I include keys, the only thing I learned to run with it’s my iPod, it gets lonely so music helps a little. Since I got Doggy I would take him for a short run the first 8 months, now that he’s a grown up I take for longer runs, 6 miles or more. I got him a backpack so he could carry his own things and mine too.

I have an app on my iPhone, MapMyRun, it’s a pretty cool app but I would have to carry the damn iPhone I wanted to track all my workout therefore I only use it when a) someone else running with me and that person is carrying the iPhone or b) when someone is biking next to me and that person is carrying the iPhone. However, it occurred to me that Doggy could carry the iPhone in backpack, I would lose a couple of seconds and it wouldn’t be 100% accurate since one I put him off leash he likes to run back and forth, but I gave it a shot.

I wanted to embed in here the route on its “flyover/3D view” but WordPress doesn’t support it, what a surprise right?
Anyway, if you are interested on seeing Seville from Doggy’s eyes (if he were a bird) just click on the link below.

5.6Km Run/Walk <<<<< Link!!