Bite on this!

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Saturday I felt like having burgers, good old man burgers, good old man tabasco burgers, the kind of burgers than when you bite the piece of meat you feel alive.
It’s really easy, all you need it’s meat, tabasco sauce, salt and pepper to taste, mix it all together let it rest for at least 30 minutes, make your burgers and grill them, really easy.
I like then with cheddar, but the rest of the people around eat them with blue cheese, I personally don’t like stinky cheeses.
Ohhh you also make them with caramelized onion, wich it’s basically onion, butter and brown sugar.
Of course al of that would be nothing without a good old pineapple mojito, do I need to say that by midnight I was not me? I was Amy Winehouse. Luckily no hangover, you gotta drink buckets of water.