Yes I would!

Candy Corn

Only 23 days until Halloween, here in this part of the world nobody cares. I miss it a lot, I never had kids knocking at my door, never went trick or treat (once or twice) but I miss Halloween.
I miss the walk of shame the morning after, when everybody is dress up for work and you are the only one on the subway still wearing a costume, good old days.
I miss the night of Halloween and the Halloween parade on 6th Avenue and all the wackos you meet on the way, all the drunk wackos.
I miss freezing my butt off because a sweater didn’t match the costume, I should say that last time that was not an issue, being a pregnant nun was a great idea, thermals are ok with the habit.
But above all things I miss candy corn, Brach’s candy corn, that waxy tasteless candy, that addictive candy, you eat one and gotta finish the bag. Yes, that’s how candy corn works and I’m talking about the traditional candy corn, not all those useless creations, chocolate or strawberry, no, I mean the old candy corn, the one we grew up with, that great smell, ohh lord almighty I can smell it.
Yeah I can, I smell it but I can’t eat it, it doesn’t exist in here, just as canned pumpkin puree doesn’t exist in here, candy corn it’s totally unknown.
Europe you don’t know what you are missing!
Mister Brach, why don’t you bring candy corn to the old continent?
I’ve written you letters, emails, call and you ignore me, why???!!!!
I would do everything, whatever you ask, I’d survive SAW 1 to 6, hell I say survive, I mean watch them again, I’d even watch Honey Boo Boo, I’d wear a T-shirt of the show and imitates her mom’s accent.

To you brothers and sisters, every time you eat a little insignificant candy corn think of those who have to go without it, and you know there’s nothing worse that having to go without it.

Have a great week.