Love is in the air

I Love you

I know Halloween is closer than Saint Valentine’s but love deserves a spot on my blog and since I’m really wise I will take the liberty of giving you an advice, this would work for those new couples (up to a year), with longer relationships would be hard to get the same effect but if you do, power to you.

On with the advice:

You decide to invite your almost significant other home for a romantic dinner, roommates/family is gone and you want to take advantage of the alone time. You prepare a really good dinner or buyt it if you are a disaster in the kitchen. You eat, get some wine, talk, go to the sofa and right before you get comfy and start to snuggle ask for a minute and go to the bathroom/room or whatever, you just need to be alone and out of sight for a minute or two.
Time has passed, you return turning the lights off, with a rope on hand and a knife or a hatched on the other, get closer to your baby lover and when he/she realizes that you have a knife the first logical reaction would be “What the hell are you doing??”.
Do not let him/her finish, on a rather calm tone say “Shh, relax, running makes no sense, do not scream (then you scream help! help me! then laugh hysterically and say stop I don’t wanna play, just to show the neighbors that any cry for help it’s not for real but a game) it won’t help, there’s someone else in here, so think twice before playing brave. Sit, relax (say their name), see, I’m not really (say your name) I’m (make up a name), I won’t hurt you…..yet, just listen…. And as she/he starts to cry or having a heart attack, turn on the lights and say “It’s ok my little piece of melted deep friend ice cream, see (show the knife/ax that it should read I Love You, cuz you wrote in advance, it’s key you don’t forget to write it)  I Love You baby, I put on all this cuz I think we are ready to move in together.

I tried it, but didn’t get the result I was expecting, when I turned of the lights and showed the knife the reaction I got was “Yeah, kill me, here slit my throat!”, I was really unhappy and extremely disappointed.