Fairytale time!

Queen Oprah eating pandas and puppies

Kids, gather around, Leo is gonna tell you beautiful fairytale.

In a land far far away lived 3 little cubs and mama bear, were the first days of spring and mama bear needed to refill her milk deposit, for that they have to leave the safety of their land and go where fuel prices were lower.
The land of lower fuel prices was ruled by the evil queen Oprah. Queen Oprah was known for eating pandas and puppies and slapping people with her money. Queen Oprah had a loyal servant called Gayle, who was as evil as the Queen but without the money and full of frustration.
Mama bear ventured to go outside the boundaries of the forest oblivious to the danger that was waiting for them once they crossed to Queen Oprah’s land.
The Queen, having informers in all the corners of the earth knew that Mama bear and the 2 little cubs in kingdom, the Queen was determined to have those 3 cubs on her plate an a leg of Mama bear for dessert.
Dr. Phil, a loyal servant of the Queen, decided to set up a trap for the bear family, he knew that if he brought the bears to Queen Oprah he would get a chance to air his show on Oxygen and get some ratings while giving useless advice to people, except by the priceless interview to Lady Lohan’s mother, she was like the Sleeping Beauty but awake, meaning her body was there but her head up high in the sky.
Dr. Phil was smarter than what everybody believed and with the help of the with the wicked witch of the West Village Ryan Seacrest they filled a container with food so the hungry bear family would get in but not out.
The plan was evil but, the bear family fell on their trap, they were ready to be eaten by Oprah, until what you gonna see on the following video happened:

The picture was graciously donated by Oprah Magazine. Oprah you cannot sue me, you donated the pic for the children and you do not mess with the children.