A letter of hope

Misaki Eating Mother of 8

My dearest friends, (please play In the arms of an angel while reading this)
I’m going to share with all of you a letter I received from 8 orphan squirrels beneficiaries of the non-profit sponsored by all of your votes and represented by this your humble servant.
Misaki, in a desperate and selfish attempt to capture votes decided to throw a plea, which is fair, however, what’s not fair is attacking the integrity of all of us involved and worried about the welfare of all the baby animals and world peace.
The picture above shows Misaki eaten a mother squirrel, sure for her is only 1 squirrel, but for us there 8 babies left behind, 8 babies that witnessed the heinous murder of their mother.
You be the judge and no allow this orphan maker creature win this contest.

Dear and benevolent Leo and Doggy,

I write this on behalf on my seven brothers and sisters and on the memory of our loving mother killed and eaten by Misaki.
We have been in therapy thanks to your kindness, it has been extremely hard on us, we had to  pick up the pieces of our mother and give her a decent funeral.
We are still in denial, we have nightmares and cannot go picking nuts for the winter because we are afraid someone will eat us like Misaki ate our mother.
We come here so the people who read your blog know that you indeed are helping the community, we saw that Misaki is trying to question your integrity, asking you what would you do to save the children, the orphans and keep world peace.
Misaki, if you have a heart you, which we honestly doubt, you shouldn’t be acting like this, using a destructive campaign to win a competition  for your own benefit.
What about giving back to those who need it Misaki?
You cannot give us back our mother, even if you vomit she won’t look the same.
Leo and Doggy have created a non profit to help creatures like us, thanks to them now I have the courage to stand and speak for all those underprivileged baby animals in the world.
Misaki, I say is enough, why don’t you tell us why you ate our mother?
What was on her for you? Her yummy legs are not a valid excuse.
To those who have voted for Doggy, we want to thank you, you have helped us to overcome the initial trauma, you have given us power to endure the pain and face the villain.
For a fair and happy world, a world full of peace and happy baby animals, vote for Doggy.
Sincerely yours,
Orphan Baby Squirrel 2

Click here and vote to Save the children, keep world peace and help the orphans.