Let’s go back in time

Tallulah & Ethel Merman

A couple of years ago I went to see a Broadway play called Looped, I didn’t know what it was about, I was literally forced to go, at first I didn’t know what to think, it look like a lot of bad acting, but I liked  a few remarks and at the end it wasn’t that bad.
I then went home and did some research, I wanted to know more about the character portrayed, Tallulah Bankhead, it seems like she was quiet a woman, now with YouTube all that stuff you can travel back in time and enjoy the oldies like if it was today.
Of all the things I checked on YouTube a little piece with Ethel Merman is my favorite, a lot of poison and bitterness, nice banter and wit, of course is all staged but it’s all good fun.
Worth checking out if you have a few minutes to spare.

…”Those are not potatoes”…..
…”10, 11 go to heaven”….