This is…Friday

This is Heart Like a Dog.

Heart Like A Dog is a blog which showcases the bond between a sometimes flawed human and her dogs. It is one woman’s attempt to share with the world what she has learned from her dogs and to give of herself to others, the way her dogs have given to her.”

This was one of the first blogs I followed, back then was called Jodi Stone, she made the transition to a self hosted blog not too long ago. She made all her readers/followers part of the transition, from selecting the name of the new blog to the design of the layout. Was a really nice thing to do. Jodi, in my head when I saw your blog selected to be the first featured I put a great intro in my head, now that I’m writing I’m empty, I’m sorry this is blah.
I’m a huge fan of Jodi my dear readers and passers-by, you should take a minute  of your precious time and check out her blog, there’s a section on her blog that I love to read, not your typical approach to headlines, the section is called WTF/Whoo Hoo Wednesday.

This is…Friday!!