We all have fallen in public at least once in our life, my most memorable fall was a few years ago in NYC, but is not about my fall that I’m gonna talk on this post. Falls are fun, if they are not tragic that is, but overall we laugh when people falls and that’s what happened to me yesterday.

Picture it:
I was on my way to the market and was waiting for the light so I could cross the street, right across was a beautiful little girl, leaning how to walk, dad was a proud father looking at his little baby, he let her go, little girl gave 2-3 steps and fell, nothing funny about it right? Ha!, she fell on dog poo, dad was a little distracted, little girl got up and rubbed the dog poo al over her cute little dress, when dad turned and so her sweet baby girl covered in poo he lost his color, I started to laugh when he said “Lucia, que has hecho?!” (Lucia, what have you done?). The worse part was yet to come, mom was coming out of the store to see her little girl covered in a brown thing, that was not happy mom, dad was trying to explain, too late, mom’s rage was at its highest, dad had lost the battle and is likely to heat about it till the day he dies.

I wish I could have taken a picture but was not possible, I missed the light twice, I had to witness the whole thing.
Laughing at others is healthy, I always do it.