Could you forgive me?

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Due the multiple messages asking why the hell do I focus my post on Portuguese but don’t put a single pic, I’m now making up to all of you. Here a few pics of what Portuguese food it’s like. I also failed to mention that food is really cheap, fine cuisine is accessible to all unlike Paris, London and even Barcelona where decent food is outrageously expensive, Lisbon offers you great food for a reasonable amount of money.
My favorite food is that rice with sea food that you see, you cannot even imagine how good it is, all the flavor well blended, is not fishy, it’s really hard to describe, but believe, I’m writing about it and I can smell the bits of cilantro that they use to garnish. At Restautante Maracana they serve 2 versions, one for those who like to work for their food, they leave the shell on the lobster, crab and prawns and the other for those who don’t like to put any effort or simple don’t wanna see face of what they are eating, they serve it ready to swallow, the price of a “pot” of rice according to them for 2 but you can serve 8 plates and it’s not an exaggeration is 25€, yeah, 25€, try that in Madrid, where a crappy sticky paella goes for 25-30€/person and you’ll be lucky to get fresh shrimps on it.
If you like cod fish, Portugal is the place to go, I’m not a fan of cod fish  but they have the best “Bacalhao a Braz” served on earth.
The bread, oh man the bread!! To die for, great variety and taste to whatever the bread is made of, meaning that if it’s made of corn with olives, you taste it, also the bread remains fresh for a considerable amount of time.
I’m sooo hungry now, and what I’ll eat is crappy “fix menu” food from the restaurant next to my office cuz I was too lazy to cook this morning.